Project Description


Experience, Excellence, Compassion.

What needed to be done?

Define the Brand DNA of a highly prominent Melbourne Family Lawyer Practice. Client completed the Customer DNA workshop to achieve customer clarity, focus and uncover core marketing insights.


  • Core identity; Brand Personality, Purpose, Positioning and Brand Voice
  • Customer DNA Workshop
  • Expertly designed Visual Identity
  • Logo design
  • Press Ads


Core identity helped to instill core brand purpose and develop a distinct visual identity and logo (identifier) that reflected the Brand DNA, purpose and offering.

Strategic brand direction determined strong positioning and point of difference in the market.

How was it received?

I completed The Brand Experts’ Brand Personality Workshop earlier this year and it was incredibly valuable. It helped me unlock who I was at my core, what my professional values are, and how I can be of real service to my clients. This has helped me focus on my ideal clients, and I can already see that my revenue has increased substantially as a result.

The return on investment is very clear. I thoroughly recommend The Brand Experts’ services.

Marc Testart, Principal