Be strategic.
A Brand Strategy is a plan that dictates your future business direction and positioning for the next 10 years. Its made up of: the story of your business, the purpose, personality, identity, promise and the proposition (value) you tell your customers and the entire world. 

A Brand Strategy adds value by providing strategy, positioning and clarity for your brand. It helps you to understand your business inside and out, to learn how to position yourself in business. It helps you to be focused – to have the end goal in mind, so you and your team are always on track and heading in the direction. 

Business is a psychological game. You simply need to learn the rules of the game and play it better, i.e. smarter, than everyone else. 

In this way, we believe the business world is like a giant chessboard. So what piece are you? What’s your next move?

To get started we begin with a Brand Discovery Session. This allows us to be curious and get a deeper understanding of:

  • your goals, dreams, hopes and desires
  • your key business objectives and expectations
  • your business model
  • your customers and preferred audience
  • your budget

Results and Outcomes?
We make brand recommendations and provide a Brand Action Plan to outline the most effective strategy to reach your goals and objectives. 

Be tactical

Use ‘smart marketing’ strategy and tactics to get your brand heard and out there. Our experts are primed to receive – to design and develop strategic plans that deliver on your specific business goals. 

Now that you know your identity (Brand DNA) and how to position yourself (Brand Strategy) and you have a Brand Action Plan in place, you now need to execute and implement it. This is where and when your marketing strategy comes into play.

Results and Outcomes?
Above all, it’s important to be measured with your marketing. The focus is on creating a marketing strategy that can be measured to provide metrics, a feedback loop, and ongoing learnings in order to develop a culture of continuous and never-ending improvement. This enables you to continuously hone your messages and tactics to get the maximum return on your investment from your marketing dollars. Be smart. Be measured for success.

Be the brand your customers want you to be.
If you want growth, you’ll be needing a business identity that customers connect and resonate with – your Brand DNA. 

A Brand DNA get’s you set for profitable business growth. You get Clarity, Consistency, Character and Certainty, which leads to positive public perception.

What is this?
The first piece in your brand for business growth puzzle. Its a collaborative, interactive 12-session brand and marketing workshop program at an exclusive Melbourne CBD location designed to define and implement your business or Brand DNA for powerful positioning and business growth. Be brand smart – attract and retain your ideal customers with a Brand DNA before you waste any more of your marketing dollars on your next campaign.

Be your customer for impactful, positive, profitable business growth. In. That. Order.

What’s a Customer DNA?
Good question, we’ll answer that with another question.

Who’s your ideal customer?
Answer: Find out here by discovering your ideal customer’s identity or ‘Customer DNA’. If you don’t know your ideal customer and how you solve their problems how do you expect him or her to buy from you?

Know your customer for the second piece of your brand for business growth puzzle.

Be creative. Be consistent.
All good creativity requires great strategy.

Did you know: 70% of customers make purchasing decisions based on what they see before them – with their own eyes? 

Delivering your message consistently with an established style guide and ‘look and feel’ saves you time, headaches and saves you from devaluing your brand with every inconsistently designed post. 

Investing in design, graphics and visual communication is in your business interests and your bottom line too. Why? Because people judge, first impressions count and perception is everything. Get this right and you’ll really be in business. Coincidentally expert design is also our passion and our principal expertise.

Whether its an expert e-book design, professional pull-up banner, social media graphics or branded content you need, or its digital design assets (eDMs or e-newsletters) to get your message out there, traditional printed design for a more tactile solution, website design or awesome animation, illustration or engaging video, we’re confident we have an expert who’s the right fit for the challenge.

Don’t be cheap with your design output and standards. It reflects badly on you and your brand. Quality offerings require quality design. Be brand smart. Engage with an expert designer here.

Be in control of your #1 asset.
Do you control your #1 marketing asset? Facebook, Insta, Youtube and Vimeo can disable, delete or take your account away without you even knowing. Not so with your website. Own it. Be empowered. Be in control. Can you move your website to any other hosting provider when you want? If not, you may want to be smart and reassess your options.

If a custom-designed WordPress website is what you need to make the best impression online, it’s also what we do best. Expressing your brand and visual identity onto your main online platform, as well as creating a seamless, intuitive customer/user journey, is the key to an effective online strategy and customer experience. All your online elements must work together – to be greater than the sum of it parts.

Intuitively designed, visually compelling and functional websites are what it is to ‘be brand smart’ when it comes to expert website design and build. Effectively expressing your brand and the online experience consistently across desktop, tablet and mobile is the top priority to maintain consumer trust and credibility. Be reassured that you can give the best possible online experience to your customers that’s designed to keep them coming back for more – and telling everyone else about it.

Be social. Be visible online. 
Are you in a a constant rush to get ‘anything’ uploaded online for more online engagement, traction and the relentless pursuit of happiness through ‘likes’?

Be smart. Don’t be in a rush or be ‘ad hoc’ about your online content marketing design. Posting random, inconsistent unbranded content can undermine and devalue even the strongest brand. Think 80% is good enough here? Think again

Design inconsistency creates more doubt, damage and uncertainty in your customers’ mind than you may think – it undoes all that hard work you’ve invested and the trust you’ve created in your business to date. 

Be consistent with expert design or expertly designed templates that communicate your value, reflect and project your quality offering, and be sure all your content looks aligned, considered and ‘on brand’ – rather than rushed, piecemeal or half-baked posts. Be up-to-date. Posting random photos with ‘some words’ is no longer enough. Be brand smart. You need to ‘be strategic’. You need engaging quality content and expertly designed ads to help you be seen and be remembered when you want an immediate response.

Be strategic with your content and creative to be sure your posts are implemented effectively. Call today to speak with our social media experts who can help you with:

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Expert designed ads, moving graphics and video content
  • Promotional content
  • Database & Lead Capture
  • Targeting and Remarketing
  • Analysis and Optimisation techniques

Be organic. Be found online. Be integral.
Want to grow your brand’s online visibility the organic (non-paid) way? We hear you.

Be patient. SEO can be a slow-burn tactic: 6 months is a minimum investment these days. SEO can also be difficult and confusing at the best of times, so it pays to be brand smart and get expert calibre advice. SEO is both an art and a science. It combines both technical and creative disciplines required to improve your ranking, drive traffic, and increase awareness in popular search engines.

SEO includes everything from optimised words within your web pages to the way other sites link to your site on the web. SEO is about being brand smart: it isn’t just about building search engine-friendly websites. It’s about improving your sites’ effectiveness online by generating quality driven ‘on brand’ content to drive better SEO results and engagement with your ideal audience. Experience the expert SEO difference at The Brand Experts.

We’re a little different because we adopt a long-term, relationship based view to SEO as part of an overall brand strategy approach. We see SEO as a commitment and a marathon. Its neither a transaction nor a sprint. Our smart policy is to never lock you into monthly contracts. We believe in performance-based results. This keeps us accountable and you top of the rankings for WIN/WIN outcomes.

Be found online with an dedicated expert SEO specialist.

Be authentic. Be real. Be photogenically you.
People buy people, not products and services. Brand Expert clients’ aren’t superficial – they don’t buy fake and they accept themselves in their own skin. It can be no other way. We’ve no time for self-obsessed vanity or superficiality here – we’ve all got kids or we’re the wrong side of 40 – all that stuff isn’t important.

What is important is to be true, to be our authentic selves! We mix with inspirational artists and creative types who believe in celebrating the real thing. Be your authentic self with genuine, authentic photography that’s refreshingly original, honest and expresses your unique, individual brand personality. 

Send the best first impression you can in business, put your honest face forward, manage your perception and be amazed with a series of professional, powerfully photogenic photographic masterpieces from our photography expert that captures a side of you that you’ve never seen before – or didn’t realise you had. We’re confident you’ll be blown away by the results. Why are you trying to be someone you’re not? Be you. Everyone else is taken.  

Whether its time to overhaul the online profile, ‘be the expert in your field’, ‘be the professional’ and update that old iphone shot, our expert photographer has her very own cool, custom-designed Melbourne studio, expert lighting, props and make-up to make this a memorable, fun and exciting experience. 

For a more standard, corporate photo, headshots are also available on request. Call to find out more.    

Be 24/7.
It’s hard to be ‘everywhere’ all of the time. That’s what it takes to build a successful business or smart brand these days. Who can keep up with the demand given the lack of time and resources?

Guess what? If you be brand smart you won’t have to. How? With video you can be 24/7, all of the time, every time and be ‘one to many’ too.

We all know a picture says a thousand words. If that’s true then what do you get with a video? Telling an engaging brand story inside 30 seconds can be all the difference to your online and content marketing strategy as well as your sales performance. Remember, facts tell, stories sell. Amplify that video investment as part of your overall marketing strategy and see the difference it can make to your online conversion rates.

There are Video Experts on hand to offer expertise in script writing, production, editing and distribution.

Want to be really different?
For a more emotive, engaging and powerful story, consider a documentary style story from our exclusive ‘doco’ video experts.


Be animated about your brand.
Want your brand to be uniquely different? Want to express your brand message to the market in a unique, memorable way?

Animation may be your smart answer.

Customer engagement that leverages ‘video animation’ on your media channels is the smart way to be noticed, be remembered and be shareable. Condensing a complex message into 30 simple seconds is the challenge we set for our animated video experts. And they’re most certainly up to the challenge. Give the animation experts a go. We’re sure you’ll be amazed with the results.

Be Noticed. Be Credible. Be Infamous.
Ever wanted to be in the News? Is Big Media beckoning you to be seen? PR is an often overlooked, yet cost-effective marketing tactic that helps small business brands be noticed and be credible for more reach. Caution: PR’s a tricky tactic to master. You need to be brand smart to get your story straight.

Business owners need to be clear about their angle, their pitch and their story. Be educated about your pitch so you can be newsworthy and be relevant for today’s media hungry outlets.

Be brave. Our PR Experts offer insightful workshops that help you be infamous for all the right reasons.

The Brand Experts have a selection of Brand Workshops available for SME’s and corporate clients.

My Brand DNA Workshop – define your business identity for impactful positioning and positive, profitable business growth.
Contact us about our online workshops.

My Customer DNA Workshop – define your ideal customers identity for impactful, positive perception and profitable business growth.
Contact us about our online workshops.

The SME Brand Decelerator Program‘ – slowing you down for light-speed business growth. Coming soon.

Brand from the BoardRoom’: The Brand Workshop for the C-Suite and Senior Execs who want to build a smarter brand.
Coming soon.

‘Brand’ can be perceived as a bit of a mystery to many in senior management. Too ‘intangible’, ‘soft’, to much ‘fluff’ or ‘woo’.  While that may be true to your perception and beliefs its not true of your customer – because guess what? They buy the fluff. Want business growth? Stop thinking like a CEO and start feeling like your customer for impactful, profitable brand and business success.