Our purpose is your purpose: impactful, positive & profitable business growth.

The mission is to help 1 million businesses tell better stories by ‘being brand smart’.

The promise is to redefine the way businesses perceive brand
and their business through brand expert ‘matrix-moments’.

Introducing The Brand Experts: a collective of Melbourne-based creative, independent and internationally experienced communication experts; strategists; marketers; artists; technicians; coders; writers and consultants who’ve clocked the 10,000 hours to give you the expert brand and marketing advice you didn’t know you needed.

Our expertise covers design & creative, digital, strategy, marketing, video, communications,
workshops, coaching and all specialisms in between.

The ultimate goal?
To be more. More relevant, more purposeful, more memorable, more connected, more profitable.
To be more than the sum.

We’re driven by 5 core brand values: entrepreneurial spirit, knowledge, creativity, empowerment and transformation. We believe you‘ll be driven by them too.

Any self-respecting brand consultancy understands customers buy your Why, not your What.

Our Why is simple:
You want more customers.
You want positive impact.
You want profitable business growth.
You want to stand out from the crowd, leave a legacy, dent the
Universe and be the difference in yours and your customers’ world.

Its a big ask but we hear you.
You’ve got it with The Brand Experts.
This is our Why.
It’s the same as yours – to create impactful, positive, profitable business growth.
If this resonates with you then maybe we’re a perfect match?

Your ‘What’ is important too, of course. It helps prospects understand your product or service.

We help innovative entrepreneurs, aspiring businesses, ambitious SME’s, mid-tier Corporates and stressed-out C-Suites to ‘be brand smart’ through combined disciplines of brand strategy, neuromarketing, design communications and smarter digital marketing practices.

This means we help you ‘be strategic’ so you can position your brand to win: win over hearts, minds and market share. It means we help you ‘be different’ so your business can stand ‘be seen‘ in an over-saturated marketplace. It means we help you ‘be an expert storyteller’ to amplify your unique brand story. Last, but not least, it means your business can ‘be trusted’ in a post-truth world.
Because the only thing left you can trust and control is yourself, your state of being and your mindset.

This is important for business growth. Why? Because, as our tagline states, ‘perception is everything’.

How your customers perceive you is crucial if you want them to choose your brand over your competitors. Being ‘different’ and communicating that difference is a brand smart strategy for business success. It’s more cost-effective, efficient, enduring and easier than aspiring to ‘be the best’.

So be brand smart – it’s far easier on you, your team, your direct reports, your wallet, your family and your mental and physical well-being. Identify and express your business uniqueness. Although don’t take our word for it – your customers, staff, wallet and bank manager will thank you for it.

A ‘Brand DNA’ is one of the most effective investments you can make to manage your brand perception, attract and retain the ‘right’ type of customers and get you set for profitable business growth.


The world is a little bit different here at The Brand Experts compared to other agencies out there.

That difference can be found in our origins, purpose and motivation. Established in 2018 because of a chance conversation in a suburban garage, two creative entrepreneurs noticed a worrying trend – so many businesses jumped head first into marketing tactics without stopping to even ask or think ‘who are we?’ This didn’t make any sense to our marketing and design brains because it set an immediate limit to business growth potential and scalability.

Our philosophy: if you don’t know who you are, how can you expect your customers to buy ‘you’ or buy from you? The Brand DNA workshop is specifically designed to address this gap in the market to help businesses ‘be brand smart‘ for profitable business growth.

Similarly, if you don’t know your customers or understand their unique problems how do you expect them to buy from you? We help businesses ‘be their customer’ with insights discovered through the Customer DNA workshop. Together these two brand workshops help distinguish us from our peers.

The other difference is in our DNA: our experts perceive, think and yes, some of us talk differently. We help our clients see the world through a different lens. We have a unique brand story, a different perception and a new perspective of ‘brand’ we’d like to share with the world.

The real difference can be found in the way we deliver the brand experience to our clients. No one else on this rock ‘gurt by sea’ understands or does ‘brand’ quite like our experts do. We’ve brought together distinct brand modalities and synthesised unique methodologies honed over a combined 40 plus years of brand, design and marketing industry experience to get you inspired, empowered and set for business growth.

Remember, be brand smart! Its a different way of perceiving the world.

CEO & Brand Growth Strategist

Repetition is everything. We’ll say it again, we help you be brand smart. 

We do this by offering tailored brand and marketing services designed for your unique business needs and goals.

You get MORE. More customers, more control over your marketing budget, more effective implementation,

more success and more profitable business growth over the long term.
Above all else you get to ‘be different‘ which leads to more profits and growth!


& PR

The proof is in the pudding, right? Talk is cheap? Show me the money?
We hear you. Be convinced. Here we let the client work speak for itself.
Check out some recent projects below from clients who chose to
be brand smart and are reaping the rewards.

“The Brand Experts got me laser focused on my ideal customer with the ‘My Customer DNA’ workshop. It’s the basis for all my future marketing activities. I’m over the moon with the logo – get the experts in.”


“Huge thanks and acknowledgement must go to Jamie, Vanessa and the team at The Brand Experts. They more than delivered on our logo with the insightful ‘My Customer DNA’ workshop. They then developed our custom designed website and managed a complete photo shoot. We’re glad we got the experts in.”


“The Customer DNA process delved deep into revealing customer insights, so that i can now more effectively develop my brand and speak to my ideal clients through more intelligent marketing.”


Our shared values bind us all and keep us accountable. These are fused into The Brand Experts Brand DNA. They are what drive us to be better experts each and every day.

What’s in your DNA?

Be the difference in your customers’ world. Be the brand your customers need you to be.

A little knowledge goes a long way. Find your lightbulb moment for brand & business success.

Fan the flames of your business spark, because imagination will take your brand everywhere.

Find your business identity and your brand voice. It’s all about being the best ‘you’ you can be. 

Life is about creating yourself. See the world differently. It starts with how you perceive yourself.

What’s an expert these days? Everyone’s an expert until they’re wrong.
Luckily for us the brand answers are all in your head. We’re simply experts at asking the right questions and reframing business and brand success.
We believe an expert understands 2% more than your average Joe or Jane. That little bit of understanding can be ALL the difference between business success and failure.

Jamie Thomas
CEO, Brand Growth Strategist

‘Who are you, what do you represent, why are you on the planet, how do you want to be perceived?’
These are the four golden brand questions Jamie asks all prospective clients to help them create powerful business positioning, growth and perception management. They’re not easy questions to answer but then again, they were never going to be, were they?

Did you know?
Jamie’s two ‘brand mantra’s’ and ‘Secrets to the Universe’ are: #1 ‘If you don’t know who you are, how do you expect your customers to buy from you?’ and #2 ‘If you don’t know who your ideal customer is, how can you expect to solve their problems and grow a successful business?’ Answer these two and be transformed.

Brand SuperHero: Dr Strange
Favourite Colour: Red and Blue
My Quest:
To help businesses be brand smart for profitable business growth. To seek the Truth and understand the Secrets of the Universe.
Jamie’s kryptonite is vanilla and macadamia flavoured ice cream. He also spends his spare time in nature tracking down Yowie’s with the three kids (no sign yet!) and his secret desire is to build, own and drive a Chesil Speedster down the Great Ocean Road.

Vanessa Thomas
Creative Director / Design Expert

Bringing brands to life’ through an expert, intuitive eye for design solutions is the ‘genius energy’ and ‘brand mantra’ behind Vanessa’s creative expertise. Strategy and identity is one thing, but it’s superior execution and implementation that should be worshipped.

Did you know?
20 plus years of design, brand and marketing industry experience in some of Melbourne’s most reputable design agencies plus international experience promoting the City of Manchester, UK ensures Vanessa brings a unique, experienced design perspective and understanding of strategic visual communication. Unlike other designers, her passion and purpose has nothing to do with making things look ‘pretty’ – its all about making the design ‘work’ as an expression of the brand identity for brand and business growth.

Brand SuperHero: WonderWoman (80s version)
Favourite Colour: Red
My Quest:
To bring brands to life, combine business with enduring authentic design solutions and traverse the trapeze under a Big Top Circus.
Vanessa has a weakness for the Officeworks stationery section (so many colours!) and chocolate liquorice (yum).

Download your FREE Brand DNA Checklist here to ‘be in the know’. Stop selling and start telling your brand story!

Be transformed by in-depth, intuitive and collaborative brand workshops
that help you get to the heart, soul and DNA of your unique brand.

Package #1
My Brand DNA Workshop

Strategy Session – 3hrs

Be unconsciously appealing

What do I get?
Unpack your brand personality, clarify your purpose, craft your voice and position your brand to win in this engaging and intensely revealing brand strategy session.


Package #2
Logo Design & Customer DNA

Strategy Session and design

Be customer-centric for business growth

What’s this?
If you want to be a smart business owner you’ll need ‘My Logo Design’. Why? A Brand Expert gets you laser-focused on your ideal customers with a Customer DNA workshop. We then design a logo that attracts your ideal customer.


Package #3
My Brand Collateral

Be brand smart

What do I get?
Make the best first impression in business you can with intuitive, strategic brand and design solutions. Wherever your customers ‘meet’ your brand you need consistent visual touchpoints to develop customer trust. Be savvy – engage with a professionally trained, expert designer to get you on brand. 

What’s included:
Business card design and print
Brochure and Flyer design
Custom Stationery requests
Branded Pull up banners


Package #4
My Digital Design 

Be brand smart online

What’s this?
Don’t be ad-hoc. Be sure your brand is consistent with an online Brand Action Digital Plan. 

What’s included:
Website design and build (options available)
Landing page design template
Branded Online Lead Gen download
E-book Cover Design and internals
Social Media CoverArt Design 
Email signature
E-newsletter layout
PowerPoint Template Design


We’re all for data, tech and phones as communications tools but in this increasingly digital world we prefer to speak with real people, i.e. real humans? We believe you do too? So say ‘Adios’ to Alexa and ‘Sayonara’ to Siri and be connected with The Brand Experts – we’re real people just like you.

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